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Turning Toward The Difficult

One of the most powerful skills we can learn is to turn toward the difficult. Life has difficulties, whether personal or familial, at work or because we don’t have enough work, in our communities and

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STJ#1061, For So the Children Come

In this exciting episode: Jason Shelton did a great innovative thing and I just had to go and innovate it further. This may be one of my favorite liturgical pieces – a chorus by Jason Shelton to make

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Notes from the Far Fringe (Site / Info)

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dust collection box

The photo shows the latest ESSA woodworking studio development project. The planers fill the existing dust collector too quickly, so I'm using plastic 55 gallon drums as a first stage of a triple stag

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Wisdom of the Hands (Site / Info)

Spiritual practice of the day #18 Emulation

Look for the goodness in another person and try to emulate it in your own life.

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Spiritual practices

In case you were wondering........

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UU A Way Of Life (Site / Info)

In case you were wondering

Question of the day - What is your interior spiritual life like?

What is the function of the Inner Spirit in your life? Do you attend to it or not and if so how often?

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Question of the day

Prophetic voices and events - Time banking

The dots got connected when the stewardship drive at our church asked for a yearly pledge of time, talent, and money. You notice that the money comes last. Money is taxable and time and talent is not.

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UU A Way Of Life (Site / Info)

Prophetic voices and events

All in Favor

“All in favor, raise your hands.” Or your voices. Or your pens. We tend to focus on resisting that which will cause harm, but the world desperately needs us to pursue those things we are in favor of,

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When a Druid Doctor Burned Jesus Christ

Dr. William Price in full Druid regalia. On January 18, 1884 an old man with white beard nearly to his knees and dressed in green clothing, a red sash, and a fox fur draped across his head, ascended a

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Heretic, Rebel, a Thing to Flout (Site / Info)

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Conversations Under the Oaks: January Q&A

Here are the questions and answers for this month’s Conversations Under the Oaks, a new monthly Q&A feature. Topics include divination ethics, prayer, syncretism, and ritual.

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Paying Bills

Was harder on Monday when I was exhausted after a powerful weekend. I’m most of the way there, although I may need to keep deferring part of my student loans. And some stuff should go away in a few mo

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Our War on Citizen Children

Our government has declared war on citizen children whose parent(s) are undocumented even though they may have lived and worked  here for many years. Also, a temporary protective status (TPS) granted

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Steering users to healthier interactions

Reading about this year as a possible "inflection point" on the morality graph (who knew we were graphing that?) and Mark Zuckerberg's expressed "responsibility to make sure our services aren't just f

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The limits of ministry: Pagan clergy and serious situations

TWH — Paganism, together with the polytheistic and other religions with which it is often lumped, might be characterized as standing apart from conventional cultural and legal institutions. A not-enti

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The Wild Hunt (Site / Info)

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Grabbing the pitchforks, lighting the torches and defeating the monster

A year ago this Sunday, the world began to change. What began as a few Facebook posts became a global movement that has grown while spawning new, equally strong groups. Close to 500,000 women and men

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Changing the World @ the UUFP (Site / Info)

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Threshold: #MeToo, with Justice Complications — Part 1

By Kay Whitlock: Throughout my life, my most painful and wrenching experiences have become unexpected portals into new ways of seeing more deeply into the nature of old dilemmas—or at least, my old di

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Don't worry. Be happy

Unitarian Universalists should be the happiest people in the world if they take their faith seriously. The Universalists teach us that God loves us unconditionally and yet most of the world and even U

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UU A Way Of Life (Site / Info)

Principle 3 My Kind Of Church Music

Saturday, 1/20 ~ English Dancing!

JOIN US FOR ENGLISH DANCING! SATURDAY, JANUARY 21, 7-8PM SUITABLE FOR ALL LEVELS ~ EVERYONE IS WELCOME! English dancing is a wonderful form of social dancing, originally created in the 17th century in

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Unitarian Church of Marlborough and Hudson (Site / Info)


Sunday, 1/21 ~ World Religion Day Service

Sunday, January 21, is World Religion Day , an international celebration of the oneness of religion and its role in human society.  Ron Matthews of the local Bahai’i community will join us at the pulp

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Unitarian Church of Marlborough and Hudson (Site / Info)


Classes are cancelled for this evening, Jan. 17, 2018

Our Wednesday night classes are cancelled for this evening. We look forward to seeing you at subsequent classes: Faith Development—January 2018 Faith development is the process—religious, spiritual, a

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First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville (Site / Info)

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