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President Trump attracts magical ire

UNITED STATES –President Trump continues to raise hackles among progressives — as well as some conservatives — during these first hundred days of his term in office. Some of his opponents in the Pagan

11 hours ago

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news U.S. Donald J. Trump Gala Darling hex action Ivo Dominguez Jr. Mat Auryn

New Nature’s Spirit Conference unites science, religion, activism

NORTH PALM BEACH, Fla. — In late January, the newly created Nature’s Spirit Conference brought together scientists, activists, and spiritual leaders from various religious traditions to raise awarenes

1 day ago

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Paganism news U.S. Nature's Spirit Conference

Pagan Community Notes: Dana Eilers, Oroville Dam, Holly Emore and more!

CAPE COD, Mass. — Word spread quickly this weekend that Pagan and Witch Dana Eilers had died unexpectedly. Born Sept. 15, 1956 in North Chatham, Mass, Eilers spent much of her adult life using her kno

2 days ago

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Paganism Pagan Community Notes TWH Features Adocentyn Research Library Dana Eilers David Christy Equinox in the Oaks Holly Emore Loyola University Oroville Dam Rachael Watcher Sable Aradia T. Thorn Coyle Temple of Isis Wyldwood Radio

Power of art: an interview with artist Laura Tempest Zakroff

SEATTLE, Wash. — Laura Tempest Zakroff, known to many by the name Tempest, is a Pagan artist and Witch from the Seattle area. She travels the country attending festivals and conferences, sharing her w

3 days ago

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Paganism Culture Art #wearearadia Laura Tempest Zakroff owlkeyme arts sigil magick Witchcraft

Column: Oshun on the altar of pop culture

With the her announcement of twins and her recent Grammy performance, Beyoncé has become the center of media attention once again. Not only is Queen Bey trending this week, but she has been trending t

5 days ago

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