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Column: Musings on Propaganda in the Age of Authoritarianism

Quotations are useful in periods of ignorance or obscurantist beliefs. – Guy Debord *   *   * One of the first things I noticed upon arriving in France last summer is that battles were being waged on

16 hours ago

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Gatlinburg Burning: Eyewitness Accounts

GATLINBURG, Tenn. — The bustling mountain resort town of Gatlinburg was devastated Monday as wild fires ripped through town, reducing some areas to only ashes and rubble. Believed to have been started

1 day ago

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“Rage Donations” Among the Post-Presidential Election Impacts

UNITED STATES — Even as activists took to the streets to protest the results of the presidential election, others adopted a quieter approach that has been since dubbed “rage donating” or the giving mo

2 days ago

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Minnesota Metaphysical Boutiques Targeted with Harassment

WHITE BEAR LAKE, Minn. — Pagan-owned businesses face all the usual challenges of any small business: overhead costs, long hours by the owner, and maintaining a customer base. Yet they also face the ad

3 days ago

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Paganism Collective Harmony Massage and Healing Arts enchanted boutique metaphysical stores Minnesota witnessing

Pagan Community Notes: Ohio State University, Standing Rock, Wildwood Tradition and more!

COLUMBUS, Ohio — News broke this morning of a shooting on the campus of Ohio State University. At 9:56 am, the OSU Emergency Management Team tweeted, “Buckeye Alert: Active Shooter on campus. Run Hide

4 days ago

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