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Autumn, a time to harvest magical and medicinal herbs

TWH – Autumn celebrations are often designated as times to “reap what you sow” and for many Pagans, Heathens, and Witches that means harvest time for plants with both magical and medicinal purposes. T

22 hours ago

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Fake news, astrology edition

TWH –It’s a given in some Pagan circles that at least a basic understanding of astrology is common knowledge. Given the incredible diversity represented within the intersecting Pagan and polytheist co

1 day ago

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Pagan Community Notes: URI, Erin Lale, Dirge Magazine and more

The United Religions Initiative (URI) held its global summit leadership meeting in Sarajevo, beginning Sept 11. The weeklong meeting brought together URI representatives from around the world and from

3 days ago

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Paganism Druidry Pagan Community Notes Tuatha Dea Dirge magazine Don Frew Druid Magazine Erin Lale Heathen Visibility Project United Religions Initiative URI

Happy autumnal equinox

TWH – This year, the autumnal equinox falls on Sept. 22 at 20:02 UTC in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the moment that officially signals the start of fall. At this time, there will be an equal amount

4 days ago

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Paganism thanksgiving Mabon harvest Autumn Equinox

Column: Spartacus and the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement

In nomine Spartaci, Sibyllae, et Furoris Bacchici The name of Spartacus has withstood over two millennia of slavery and empire, and become immortalized within the insurrectionary tradition. The person

4 days ago

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