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Community experience at Raven’s Knoll documented in new book

EGANVILLE, Ont. — The staff and a group of regular visitors of the Pagan owned and operated campground and festival site, Raven’s Knoll, have announced the launch of a book titled Rites of Raven’s Kno

15 hours ago

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Pagan Community Notes: Kenny Klein, Donald Weiser, Cherry Hill’s 10th, and more!

Since being convicted on child pornography charges Apr. 6, Kenny Klein’s supporters have been advocating on his behalf. Klein’s sentencing, initially scheduled for Apr. 20, was pushed back to May as h

1 day ago

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Paganism Cherry Hill Seminary Pagan Community Notes Kenny Klein Donald Weiser Huginn's Heathen Hof Lupa Lynn Archer Spirit Animal Telesummit University of Alberta Worldwide Heathen Census

Art, feminism, magic: an interview with Penny Slinger (part two)

[Interview by journalist Zora Burden, special to The Wild Hunt] Penny Slinger is a British born, multi-media artist known best for her esoteric, surrealist, provocative photographic collage work focus

2 days ago

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Pagan Voices: Special Earth Day edition

Pagan Voices is a spotlight on recent quotations from figures within the Pagan community. Today’s edition focuses on Earth Day, which has been celebrated annually since 1970 and has attracted Pagans s

3 days ago

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Earth Day TWH Features Pagan Voices John Halstead Average Pagan Ed Hubbard Selena Fox Wendy Griffin

Column: “You can never tell with the bees,” said Pooh

Hi, my name is Manny and I’m a beekeeper; beek for short. I started off as a normal gardener. You know, cucumbers, basil, radishes. But soon, as is what happens, you more. You want to grow unusual pla

3 days ago

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