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Column: A Robot and a Replicant Walk into a Bat Mitzvah…

I recently stumbled upon three unrelated articles examining new ways of combining technology and religion. The first reports on a robot Buddhist monk, the second asks if apps believe in God, and the t

10 hours ago

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Religion Artifical Intelligence ELIZA Eric the Robot Modeling Religion Portals project Robot Monk Simulating Religion Project SIRI

Guest Post: The Building of a South African Vampyre Community

[The Wild Hunt welcomes guest writer Christina Engela. She is a author, witch, human rights activist, blogger and chief researcher for the Alternative Religious Forum. Engela lives in South Africa and

1 day ago

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Paganism South Africa Darklady Kay Valur Noctem Octarine Valur South African Vampyre Alliance The Magenta Dragon Vampyre Community Way of the Rede

Protecting the Boreal Forest: Pimachiowin Aki

MANITOBA — In 2002, the five Anishinaabe First Nations of Bloodvein River, Little Grand Rapids, Poplar River, Pikangikum and Pauingassi joined forces with the provincial governments of Manitoba and On

2 days ago

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Paganism Boreal Action Project Boreal Forest Katherine Bitney Manitoba Michelle Forrest Pimachiowin Aki Susanne McCrea The Boreal Dragon UNESCO

Paganism Now an Option on Irish Hospital Admittance Forms

IRELAND — Pagans will no longer get listed as “other” or “no religion” when they are admitted to Irish hospitals. The change came thanks to an agreement worked out by officials of Health Services Exec

3 days ago

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Paganism health care religious identity Ireland Pagan Life Rites Rev. Kristian Märkus

Looking Toward the Future with the Troth’s new Steersman

During the month of May, elections were held within The Troth, a Heathen religious organization, for officer positions on the High Rede. Among the officers elected are Lagaria Farmer as Associate Stee

4 days ago

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Paganism Robert Schreiwer The Troth Jo Spinks John Mainer Lagaria Farmer Lisa Crowley Morgenstern Steersman