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Column: Ancestors of Hope and Purpose in Black History

Many people might wonder why I write so much about the cultural experiences of Blackness on The Wild Hunt. Besides this helping to provide a clear understanding of my own Blackness, it is also a subje

7 hours ago

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Paganism Perspectives Black History Month African diaspora Billie Holiday Fannie Lou Hamer Marsha P. Johnson Recy Taylor

Column: Conjuring the Magic of Pagan Study Groups

A few words from Steven Posch has stood out in my mind since the summer that I heard him utter them at a large Pagan festival many years ago: “Pagans are the People of the Library.” Those words resona

1 day ago

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Paganism diversity learning living Perspectives collaboration study group

Heathen hopeful joins leadership race in Saskatchewan

SASKATOON, SK — On May 5, members of the Saskatchewan Liberal Party will elect a new leader. This new leader will represent the party in the 2020 provincial election and, if elected, become the premie

2 days ago

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Paganism news Canada Robert Rudachyk Liberal Party of Canada saskatchewan Saskatoon

Multiple reports of ritualistic torture in New England leave Voodoo practitioners cringing

MASSACHUSETTS –Two apparently unrelated cases of child torture and murder in this state have been attributed to Voodoo by the perpetrators, which has led to precisely the sort of negative attention in

3 days ago

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news ritual U.S. child abuse godparents oral tradition Voodoo

Circle Sanctuary gains equality in chaplaincy

BARNEVELD, Wis. — In January 2018, Paganism reached another milestone in equality for Pagan religious bodies. A Pagan institution has gained equal status in endorsing chaplains with that of the instit

4 days ago

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