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Rules for prayer

Even though I’m the guy who wrote the essay “Why I Don’t Pray” in the pamphlet “UU Views of Prayer,” I’ve been thinking a lot about prayer recently. Not because I’ve started praying (I haven’t), but m

11/04/2015 10:49:56 PM

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Going from “Oops” to “Yay!”

My denomination recently did an excellent redesign of their Web site, making it completely responsive and easy to view on tablets and smartphones. My denomination then updated the denominational bylaw

11/04/2015 05:02:36 PM

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New media Web design


Taejonggyo, a new religious movement in Korea, worships Tan’gun, the legendary founder of the first Korean kingdom. The contemporary expression of Taejonggyo was founded in 1909 by Nach’ol, a Korean n

11/03/2015 02:21:48 PM

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Conference on religion and the environment

I just received a call for papers for the third annual conference “Sacred Texts and Human Contexts: Nature and Environment in the Sacred Texts of World Religions,” sponsored by Nazareth College in col

11/01/2015 05:51:30 PM

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Ahura Mazda

The supreme deity of the Zoroastrian faith, known as Ahura Mazda, is represented on this ceremonial bowl as a winged disk, at upper right in the photo. The bowl depicts the victory of the Zoroastrian

10/31/2015 01:02:08 AM

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