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When Pride Causes a Fall, or, A Church Forgetting Itself

In our fallibility, it's possible - quite possible - that we misinterpret a few verses at the peril of disregarding the central teaching of those you profess to be your savior - Love your neighbor as

02/17/2014 11:22:24 AM

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Author Review and Interview: Rebecca Crownover

When life hits you with unimaginable tragedy, when one day your spouse is there and then suddenly he is not, and you are faced with being a single parent to a little girl who wants to know where her D

02/14/2014 04:06:11 PM

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Women, Faith, Houston.

"So...what do you do?' "I'm a minister/pastor of a local church." " So...you teach Sunday school?"

02/13/2014 08:55:40 PM

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41 Years. Why Aren’t We Celebrating?

Forty-one years ago today, the Supreme Court affirmed the most precious kind of liberty there is: the ability to exercise one's own conscience and do one's own moral discernment. Roe V. Wade took a pr

01/22/2014 04:59:12 PM

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Martin Luther King Jr. Build His Vision, Not Just His Legacy

I believe that on this day, we should be unabashedly clear that it is not about how far we’ve come...it’s about how far we have yet to go.

01/20/2014 10:50:40 AM

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