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Universalist polity persists today

A couple of weeks ago, I was batting back and forth with an informed Unitarian Universalist friend about our polity, when at one point he zeroed in at the settled clergy vote at General Assembly, at w

3 days ago

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Universalism General Assembly Universalist history Mission and Polity

Remonstrants have new website

The Dutch Remonstrants — a liberal Protestant church that have often worked with Unitarians — have new website, with the hallmarks of the very familiar Bootstrap framework. How new? Not sure, but it’s

1 week ago

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Christian Church

The page turned to GA 2016

I stumbled across the webpage of the Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly, which talks about — in broad terms — next year’s convention. It’s in Columbus, Ohio. It’ll certainly be less e

1 week ago

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General Assembly

“A Fruitful Life”

It’s been a hard day, and seeking solace, turned to prayer. I pulled this book off my shelf because the title — Light and Peace — spoke to me. It’s a collection of prayers by Charles Hall Leonard, pub

1 week ago

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Printing out pages for a sermon or service book

After much trial and error, I have come up with this method of printing a service or sermon text to be put in a small binder for use in worsip, using free and open source software. And I thought it wa

2 weeks ago

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