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What I’m reading: March 1, 2015

I’ve not been blogging much lately, and I don’t have much zeal to do so. I’m a little sad that Leonard Nimoy died, but mixed with that hope that I too might live long and prosper. I could walk though

2 days ago

Boy in the Bands (Site / Info)

Art and culture Sustainable living

British Unitarian numbers update

British Unitarian minister and blogger Stephen Lingwood gives us his annual update of membership numbers in the Unitarian and Free Christian Churches in England, Wales and Scotland. (Northern Ireland

1 week ago

Boy in the Bands (Site / Info)

World Unitarianism and Universalism

Long live UniversalistChristian.net

Well, I can’t seem to reclaim the universalistchurch.net domain, despite my repeated appeals to the registrar. (I don’t have access to either email address with which I registered it aeons ago.) But I

1 week ago

Boy in the Bands (Site / Info)

Universalism Blog administration

Prayer for the Coptic martrys

I’ve not blogged much this week — lots going on at work — but one news story keeps rolling in my mind: the beheading of twenty-one Egyptian Coptic Christians fishermen by ISIL militants in Libya. They

1 week ago

Boy in the Bands (Site / Info)

Worship Christian Church

Ash Wednesday resources

I was talking to a friend about Ash Wednesday services. They’re not my favorite — the ashes can be ostentatious, and it reflects a particular Western Christian piety that I don’t care for — but the se

2 weeks ago

Boy in the Bands (Site / Info)

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