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Evening prayer alterations: Prayer for the President

Twice a day now, I pray for the President of the United States and others “in civil authority” as part of my morning and evening prayer practice. It is not only a hallowed practice, but one that gets

13 hours ago

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Silver Line opens; new way to Dulles Airport

So, my husband and I rode to the eastern terminus of the Washington Metro Silver Line on opening day yesterday. This is the first new subway — really, an elevated line — since 1991, and it goes throug

1 day ago

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travel District of Columbia Transit

R&E Newsweekly: Expulsion of Iraqi Christians

It’s been a hard week in the news. Central American children in the borderlands. The deaths in Gaza. The Malaysian flight downing. Frightening news — let’s hope not all true — from ISIS/ISIL. You’d be

2 days ago

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Universalist Register 1912: Cross and Crown!

Another advertisement from the 1912 Universalist Register was for the “Cross and Crown” system of pins and accessories, to award Sunday School participation. You still see these for sale in old-fashio

3 days ago

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An unexpected source of Universalist prayers

The Optimist’s Good Morning is a book of prayer and written selections, published by Little, Brown in 1907 but it’s originally a Universalist Publishing House title, and so not surprisingly full of Un

4 days ago

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