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The United Methodist “worship web”

A little lunchtime Googling led me to this page, which has a large selection of United Methodist worship resources. Welcome to the collection of resources from The United Methodist Book of Worship (19

1 day ago

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Worship Christian Church

Kentucky joins the unincorporated nonprofits club

I’ve written about the option of organizing churches as unincorporated nonprofit associations in states that provided for them by law. That provides structure and protections more like what you have i

3 days ago

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Church administration

UUA: Emerging Ministries process announcement

Saw this today. Will examine later and hope to come up with creative ways to make use of this new UUA status. Emerging Ministries are any new group or project that is grounded in Unitarian Universalis

3 days ago

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Brooks on prayer

I’m moving through my copy of Elbridge Gerry Brooks’s 1874 Our New Departure: or, The Methods and Work of the Universalist Church of America — his manifesto for the Universalist church — to his chapte

4 days ago

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Worship Universalism

The trouble with custom-crafted words

So, then, what might future worship look like? And what will it accomplish? Peacebang, that is, blogger, Unitarian Universalist minister and friend asked, and I replied .@peacebang Whatever they are,

5 days ago

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Worship Future of church