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Lost visions of Universalists: glorious whiskers

I clearly need to let my facial hair grow out, and find some wax. Even today’s overwrought hipsters have nothing on these Universalists of yore. Details here, in a 1896 book about the Ocean State’s le

2 days ago

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Lost visions of Universalists: Grace Universalist, Lowell

Click the image for a  link back to the original image; here it is in the book. It’s still standing, and still a church: St. George Greek Orthodox. And really, doesn’t look like it was built for them?

2 days ago

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Religious architecture Universalist history

Lost pictures of Universalist, recovered

Yesterday, Cory Doctorow wrote that millions of public domain images, recovered from Internet Archive’s optical text recognition, have been uploaded to Flickr. The listing includes the text context, a

2 days ago

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Ubuntu Linux for Ministry: Use templates for often-used forms

4 days ago

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Church administration Ubuntu Linux

The purpose of blogging? ministry? churches?

I’ve enjoyed blogging less lately. Looking back, the every-day blogging schedule was too demanding. The main reason I would write some days was the certain knowledge that, once the daily chain broke,

6 days ago

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