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Normal thanks

So, Daisy the Dog greeted me this evening with a tap-dance show, like normal. I had to help her on to the bed, but then she enjoyed Hop on Pop and Pillow Burrowing, like normal. And she whimpered for

3 days ago

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Resetting the new congregation clock

I had previously mentioned that Unitarian Universalist Association board was scheduled to consider the membership application of the Iowa Lakes Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in its October meeting

5 days ago

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Unitarian Universalist Association UUA growth

Another UU released today

The October 2014 (14.10) release of the Ubuntu Linux operating system came out today. The releases have a double initial codename: an adjective, bordering on the outlandish, and an animal. And we’ve c

1 week ago

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Ubuntu Linux

Thankful on an autumn day

Daisy the Dog has been recovering from an injury and today was a high point. Clean dressings, fewer drugs and no vet visit tomorrow. She’s on the mend. We’ve gone to the vet every day for several days

1 week ago

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Kingdom of God

More thoughts on copyright

I got in a discussion behind the walled garden of Facebook about hymns, copyright and what we (as ministers and content providers) and I’ve brought some of my comments here. In particular, what do we

1 week ago

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FOSS Open creative commons