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community and craftsmanship...

Last night I attended the screening of "Eureka the Art of Being" at Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas, and participated in a panel discussion about the arts, and about my home town of Eu

13 hours ago

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Students are now burdened with 10-11 hours of common core testing. Some parents are worried that their children don't measure up. Other parents and groups of parents are in revolt, threatening boycott

1 day ago

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Jig for sizing lids to fit drilled boxes I became curious about a saying referred to in Forster's "the Machine Stops." The character Kuno,  had learned from his own tentative exploration of the real w

2 days ago

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test box

I have a new box design based on laminating a number of thin strips of wood to prepare the stock. The lamination was crosscut at a 55 degree angle, and then glued using Gorilla Glue to a piece of maho

3 days ago

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asking for the return of shop classes...

Material for tiny boxes Sir Ken Robinson wrote an opinion piece for Time Magazine, Why Schools Need to Bring Back Shop Class. I wish politicians and educational policy makers would wake up and pay att

4 days ago

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