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Raccoons, forgive me this is long.

We have had armadillos digging in our gardens. While digging for grubs and worms, they uproot tiny plants and make a general pock-marked mess of things. So I'd set a trap. They do not respond to bait.

1 hour ago

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refreshing the efforts of mind

On Monday I begin a class at ESSA in box making. TheĀ  class is sold out with 9 students enrolled. One week from Saturday I begin a class in parent/child making of box guitars. There are still two open

1 day ago

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make some calls.

My wife and I went to Springdale, Arkansas last night to participate in a rally against the policy set by the Trump administration to remove children and infants from the care of their mothers and pla

2 days ago

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burning square holes...

I am in the process of cleaning shop (my own) and getting ready for classes at ESSA. The photo shows the process of burning square holes in viking chests for the hardware attaching the handles. We dri

3 days ago

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Box maker's set-up block

I was cleaning collected items from the center console of my truck and found a tool that should be mentioned. It is a mini machinist's set up block that can be used for both 45 degree joints and 90 de

4 days ago

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