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yesterday in New York

My wife, daughter and I went to the 911 museum yesterday and outside the museum grounds, I looked for the Callery Pear tree that had been rescued from the 911 site, broken, uprooted, and yet survived.

15 hours ago

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ethical culture society

Ethical Culture Society, 5th Ave. NYC Yesterday my wife and daughter and I attended the #notmypresident day rally at Columbus Circle in New York City. We joined with thousands of others challenging th

1 day ago

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hands-on thinking

It may appear to some, particularly those of an academic persuasion, that thinking is just a head trip. It may be for some, but it you are involved personally in the real world, it's not likely that a

2 days ago

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testing infinity (system)

Infinity is a long way off. But the infinity dovetail spline system is easy to use. I began my testing of it today by adding dovetail keys to a box. I used a 8 degree dovetail bit to rout the spaces f

3 days ago

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veneered tops..

Yesterday I demonstrated making veneered top panels for boxes and my high school students are now enthused about making boxes using these techniques. Doing my demonstrations for two classes, I came up

4 days ago

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