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wrest and wry...

Readers may know that I have a fascination with words, and the use of those words allows me to appear intellectual despite the number of hours I've spent isolated in the wood shop. It is surprising ho

1 day ago

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symmetry and form

Our students at Clear Spring are studying ancient history, and are now working through the Greek and Roman empires. In art classes, the students were cutting the shapes of amphora from brown paper, an

2 days ago

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printing plastic stuff in our kitchens?

The idea in the 3-D printing community has been that we'll buy buy printers and then have them available to print out the things we need and want from plastic. Some are beginning to think that idea is

3 days ago

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shaving horses and tool boxes

My first and second grade students have nearly completed their tool boxes and are excited about them. The odd thing is that they aren't in a hurry to take them home yet, as they want to make tools to

4 days ago

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defending the early years.

As we attempt to overly script and control child development, we narrow their opportunities for discovery. It is time (once again) to talk about the Greek word "heuristic". It's derived from Archimede

5 days ago

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