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straight and square

I got up early this morning and went to the shop, anxious to install hinges on boxes. (A task now complete.) Today we have a mini documentary film fest at ESSA with three short documentary films will

5 hours ago

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The sensitivity of the child.

Children will spend a lot of time pretending through play, but this does not mean that they are insensitive to the implications of real life, or that they are incapable of discerning that which is rea

1 day ago

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this is your brain on art

It has 6 legs (or four arms and two legs) along with cat ears, and wings behind. What is it? Even the child who made it is not sure. Yesterday my first, second and third grade students continued makin

2 days ago

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solar system models, revisited

Today in the wood shop at the Clear Spring School, we'll repeat a project from 2009, making models of the solar system. http://wisdomofhands.blogspot.com/2009/02/solar-system-models.html I have disks

3 days ago

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Making a happy state.

The difference between these boxes and the veneered boxes I've made in the past is very subtle. The veneered top panel is recessed slightly below the sides, allowing it to be glued in a groove and for

4 days ago

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