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standing on end...

Yesterday I made a simple device to hole a cube on point so that it can be drilled from one end to the other. This was my third concept. Anyone with experience in the real world knows that drill bits

9 hours ago

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parsimony and craftsmanship

How to drill from corner to corner? A couple years back I was accused of being parsimonious, and was puzzled at being insulted before it was explained to me that parsimony was a good thing. My underst

1 day ago

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development of form

While modern education seems to have fallen on the shoulders of the alphabet, and so many children (even in pre-school and Kindergarten) bear the heavy burden of letters and have chosen to shrug off s

2 days ago

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a careful transformation of self...

Last night I dreamed of my sister Ann who died about 15 months ago of multiple systems atrophy, an awful disease. Ann was involved in arts and crafts her whole life, and in my dream offered to show me

3 days ago

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Formell education?

The following is from an earlier blog post, November 7, 2007. Today the words "formal education" refer to learning that takes place within the context of established educational institutions, as contr

4 days ago

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