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a city of stone

New York City is a city made of stone. The photo shown is of the Soldiers and Sailor's Memorial on the Upper West Side. From the image you will not grasp the intricacy of the carved detail, but you ca

17 hours ago

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in New York

Today I am in New York City. Yesterday we flew from Arkansas and then visited my daughter's school, Harvest Collegiate, in Manhattan where she teaches high school chemistry and physics. We also met ma

1 day ago

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food trucks

Yesterday in wood shop at the Clear Spring school the plan was for my first grade students to finish their toy unicorns. But then when a project is  complete, they ask "what's next?" Whatever Might pr

2 days ago

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even under bare ground.

"Put your hand here," she said, and even though the ground was bare, I could feel the growing of grass beneath, just where she said. So it is with life. One must be instructed toward some sensitivity

3 days ago

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a callico caticorn

Yesterday my high school students finished priming the Bevins Skiffs in preparation for paint, and my first, second and third grade students made toy unicorns. I had planned to also give them the oppo

4 days ago

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