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educator symposium

Making a chess board Plans for the Guild of Oregon Woodworkers hands-on learning symposium are underway, and you can download the application here: A Symposium for Hands-on Learning. I look forward to

20 hours ago

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common sense learning

Kim Brand sent this link, suggesting I and the presenter have a similar view. Grant Lichtman might have saved himself from a few miles by coming to Arkansas.  He missed Clear Spring School on his jour

1 day ago

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hail the knife...

First coat of milkpaint Last week, I mentioned Salomon's advice that rectilinear forms in Sloyd be alternated with curved shapes in the various models laid out in sequence for the student's growth. Yo

2 days ago

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The Brain. Spurts of growth followed by periods of adjustment and implementation.

Herman T. Epstein wrote in Brainstages.com of the Roles of Brain in Cognitive Development. It is a shame educational policy makers have not as yet learned what to do about what we know. According to E

3 days ago

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Yesterday in wood shop...

One of my elementary school students has been making a new boomerang, as his first one broke. This is a chance for him to refine his design in the hopes that he can get it to come all the way back. Ab

4 days ago

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