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the property sense...

Yesterday my student who had broken two bows as they were being made came to wood shop  early to begin crafting his third. When students want to accomplish real things, they make time for it even when

22 hours ago

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What will we make today?

Last year my great niece Olivia visited here in Eureka Springs for Thanksgiving, and we did a few simple projects in the wood shop. We made tops and toy cars and so one of Olivia's first questions thi

1 day ago

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reduction of testing time...

Here in Arkansas, the change from PARCC to ACT Aspire testing programs this year is claimed to cut the amount of time students spend taking standardized tests in half according to a front page article

2 days ago

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sufficient interest...

Yesterday, in addition to cleaning in my office and finish room (the shop is still a disaster), I spent a bit of time trying to finish a few boxes that were made during my summer classes as demonstrat

3 days ago

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manual training and the poor...

The following is from Felix Adler, a small portion of an address to the National Confernece of Charities and Correction at Buffalo, July 1888. "By manual training we cultivate the intellect in close c

5 days ago

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