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"When something is palpable , you can touch or handle it, even though the word is often used to describe things that usually can't be handled or touched, such as emotions or sensations.You probably wo

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growth of mind...

When I first conceived forming a wood shop at the Clear Spring School, it was because woodworking in schools had become wrongfully understood to be irrelevant to education. Wood shops had closed in hi

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Make your soul grow...

Kurt Vonnegut's last writing assignment, written to a student in the UK. Make Your Soul Grow from Dogtooth Films on Vimeo. What we need most now is the growth of the souls of educational policy makers

2 days ago

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The advantage of late blooming

Announcing a new poll at right. Below are two boxes made with a mix and match veneering technique. I found that I have a choice of mixing up the lids in the finished box as shown in the second photo b

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As I've been once again thinking of ways to return assessment to the hands of teachers, students and parents, and to extract assessment from the grasp of statisticians and the realm of useless abstrac

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Wisdom of the Hands (Site / Info)

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations