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what makes a genius?

An article in this last week's Time Magazine asks the question "What makes a genius?" as it explores the lives of Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Benjamin Franklin and Leonardo Da Vinci. Believe me, or b

12 hours ago

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A Moxon Table Vise

Happy Thanksgiving. You may have noticed that I've been working on gifts for you in the form of designs for safely holding wood. For someone with both welding and woodworking skills, this vise would b

1 day ago

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hand screw table vise.

For years before I had a workbench with a woodworking vise I used hand screws to hold drawer sides for cutting dovetails. For those unfamiliar with hand screws, they are an ages old form of clamp used

2 days ago

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center frames

Yesterday as our students were involved in Trashathon, picking up road side trash as a community service project, I went to ESSA to get another step completed on the Bevins Skiffs. I am developing var

3 days ago

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the case against charters...

A number of large foundations and corporations are spending billions to privatize education. The following is from an email I received from the network for public education: In 1988, AFT President, Al

4 days ago

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