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Plein Air

Our Eureka Springs School of the Arts concluded our week long Plein Air Festival last night with a display of artist's works. I  purchased this lovely view of one of my favorite things in Eureka, Perk

18 hours ago

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the necessity of doing it.

Today is the Celebration of the Child at Clear Spring School. In addition to music and performances, each child will be honored for their qualities that make them special in our small community. Presi

1 day ago

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a questionable cut

What you see in the photo is not good. The young woman with her shop teacher or a fellow student standing over appears to be getting ready to free hand a board through the table saw. I hope this is no

2 days ago

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Orka du?

The first supper. I continue to study both Norwegian and Swedish using the program Duolingo. Orker du is a Norwegian phrase and according to Duolingo it means "Do you have the energy." According to Go

3 days ago

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the tempo of human labor

A while back I read an article about Marcin Jakubowski's Factor e farm in Bloomberg Business week. Jakubowski is working on  "open source" mechanical equipment that can be made from readily accessible

4 days ago

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