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open house at Clear Spring School.

We have an open house today at the Clear Spring School, from 11 AM to 3 PM. Visitors are welcome. I know that most of my readers are from far away. But come see the school and the CSS woodshop if you

1 hour ago

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if only I had said that...

Yesterday I made a 20 minute presentation to our local Rotary club on the Clear Spring School. One of the questions raised by one of the members in the audience was that of why our small town of Eurek

23 hours ago

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getting real...

Today I make a presentation at the Eureka Springs Rotary on the subject of real learning and getting real. The following is from a study of the effectiveness of hands-on learning by Korwin and Jones:

1 day ago

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today in the woodshop.

I have started a couple more boxes for guitars and am making a full size neck for a six string. If you can make a 4 string or a 3 string, adding two or three more strings is easy. I am also getting re

2 days ago

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a box of good tools...

I am back in Arkansas from L.A. and reflecting on the things we did there other than drive in freeway traffic. It is pleasant indeed to be away from all those cars. Among other things we visited the G

4 days ago

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