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studio stroll...

Each Thursday afternoon classes at ESSA things slow down just a bit at the end of the day forĀ  "Studio Stroll" to which members of the community are invited to drink wine, eat snacks and see what stud

6 hours ago

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Those who develop new technologies are often narrowly focused and may lack an understanding of the overall culture and character of humanity at large. Focus too strongly on one thing and you'll miss o

1 day ago

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gender and sloyd...

Yesterday I visited the turning studio at ESSA and noted that there is an exact balance between men and women in attendance. The teacher is a woman. Any notion that woodworking is gender specific is i

2 days ago

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turning the world around.

This week at the Eureka Springs School of the Arts, we have a class with Judy Ditmer. She is a nationally known woodturner who has written for a variety of publications and we are pleased to have her

3 days ago

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almost done

I am attending to the final details on the box guitar for Woodcraft Magazine. The bit of blue tape is to glue down a chip that was coming loose. The steel plate for attaching the strings is ready to a

4 days ago

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