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action figures...

Yesterday we made caped action figures in wood shop, inspired by the student's study of "community helpers".... people who make our small city work for the benefit of all. I prepared for the lesson by

21 hours ago

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finished chest.

Yesterday I applied a first coat of Danish oil to several things I've made recently, including the tool chest shown in the photos here. It's a pleasure watching the wood change color as the finish is

1 day ago

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Yesterday I sanded boxes to send to Appalachian Spring Gallery, and today I'll apply Danish Oil to a variety of projects that have been waiting for it. With my income these days being balanced between

2 days ago

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Happy Earth Day...

Scott Bultman has a new trailer for the History of Kindergarten project, and it now includes short b roll views of some of my students at work. https://vimeo.com/214080852/5b3a212cdf I found it lovely

3 days ago

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odd mail...

I received an odd piece of mail yesterday. It was a request for sources for the brand of hinge that I reviewed in a recent issue of Fine Woodworking. But what made it odd was not the subject nor the s

4 days ago

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