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lovely tine...

I received this lovely tine box from friends in Norway. It is a treasure box that needs no treasure inside. It is made of spalted alder and willow and laced with birch root. Tiner, have humble beginni

16 hours ago

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diverse interests – exceptional possibilites.

Outgoing U.S. Education Secretary America, John B. King Jr. said: Finally, we must recognize that the growing diversity of our people is an asset, not a liability, and support diverse schools. Diversi

1 day ago

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shaker boxes and guitars...

Yesterday morning my high school students worked on their Shaker boxes and are nearing the finish of the project. Their work is not perfect, but what is? It takes doing the same thing over again and s

2 days ago

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Unseasonably warm

It is unseasonably warm here in Arkansas. We've had little in the way of winter. My supply of firewood for the wood stove is largely untouched. In the meantime, the incoming trump administration promi

3 days ago

Wisdom of the Hands (Site / Info)

holiday challenge...

Entry 1. Alan Johnson This year at Marc Adams School of Woodworking I announced the second holiday challenge in which students were to attempt to earn prizes by submitting photos of boxes they made af

4 days ago

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