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Planning for failure

Props to Lt. Levity even though his (?) Christmas in Blunderland post is not so jolly, or perhaps as his illustration suggests, jolly to a fault. It's a familiar seasonal tale by now, poor housing, ne

11 hours ago

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Loose lips

A Spokane Co. (Washington) Sheriff's deputy made the mistake of speaking candidly about the need he feels for getting a leg up in the local law enforcement arms race. "We've got a lot of constitutiona

1 day ago

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Slip sliding away

As Red Green likes to say, "we're all in this together." So while it may be real nice to go fill up for $2.469 a gallon (or perhaps less, where you are today?), a plunging oil price is not going to li

2 days ago

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Into darkness

Dick Cheney is out on the hustings running for a legacy in an ever-less convincing fashion. “I would do it again in a minute,� he said, as if doing it all again could improve the judgment of histo

3 days ago

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Highlights and lowlights

Robert Pear called them "highlights" in his rundown of what's in the $1.1T FY2015 spending bill, but that word can't do them justice. Relaxing restrictions on big banks risky trading mixes rather hand

5 days ago

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