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Life is abbrev.

Part of my job these days is designing user interfaces, which is an endlessly fascinating exercise, even as it is (and not just seems) mundane. The things that other people do in this realm often dist

20 hours ago

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Look and feel

Word is, Win10 is out, and happily, I didn't experience the global internet slowdown resulting from its distribution that one friend said he expected; could still happen, I suppose. I wasn't keen to f

22 hours ago

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Basketball is a simple game of (last I saw, which was not recent, but recent enough) barely controlled violence and strange bending of rules with a round ball, so the owner of a professional team woul

1 day ago

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Went off the grid there a bit Up into the sky with boots on the ground Somewhere remote enough the parking was free (but bring your own water) Trimmed the news, weather and sports down to just weather

3 days ago

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So many friends to collude with

These campaign news headlines just write themselves, don't they? Jeb Bush Speech Denouncing Lobbyists Was Organized By Corporate Lobbying Group. Speaking at Florida State University, the former Florid

1 week ago

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