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Driving while black

My early driving career was a bit checkered, and I was stopped for and received tickets for a few of my moving violations. I think I might have been "let off with a warning" once or twice, but those i

13 hours ago

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Graduation day

Tom Luna weighed his options and measured himself for a pleasant ride out the revolving door between Idaho government and the education non-profit realm, into an executive position at Project Lead the

14 hours ago

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Guns and butter

Now that we've all been searching the web for a decade or more, the folks who have collected all the data can analyze what it all means, or at least who's looking for what, where. David Leonhardt repo

15 hours ago

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Neighbors standing together

Saturday's spam check turned up a false positive of sorts, from an unexpected source: "Romney for President Inc." Still? Again? And after that fine-print attribution, the statement that "This message

2 days ago

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Throw another elephant burger on the barby

Our state GOP is still sorting out the winners and losers in the intramural league, no stakes apparently too small to be disputed. Bryan Smith can represent both losing (his attempt to unseat ID-02 Co

3 days ago

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