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Finally, a use for NumLock

While the wireless mouse was charging, and sure I could turn around and plug in that wired one that's sitting within reach, but just out of curiosity, I looked to see how I might move the mouse cursor

14 hours ago

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Plug in, charge up, turn on

The Idaho Sierra Club is hosting a "Plug into the Sun" EV rally tomorrow as part of the National Drive Electric Week, and announcing the opening of downtown Boise's first public charging station, at t

15 hours ago

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Excuse me, are we acquainted?

One of those "favorite book" list-makings has drawn me into reading George Eliot's Middlemarch , and her beautifully convoluted and florid style seems to be affecting my own forms of expression. Befor

1 day ago

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The singularity will not be televised

Nicholas Carr handily distills George Lakoff's argument out of Michael Chorost's take on your brain on metaphors, a topic bound to be a rich stew. The longer item addresses the response I had to Lakof

2 days ago

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Fever pitch

Hard to believe they can keep this up, let alone ramp it up from now until election day, but I suppose it's possible. Emails are cheap, and the Romney for President Inc. email generator might be botto

3 days ago

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