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Phoenix 2010

We are honored to stand on the side of love in Phoenix. I will concede that it was an unusual way to spend three days of my vacation.  Unusual, but not in the least regrettable.  My husband and I deci

08/05/2010 08:08:51 PM

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Holy Moments

You might not consider it a holy moment, being in a room with nearly 4,000 people. You might think it impossible to experience something holy browsing alongside several hundred other people in an exhi

07/25/2010 01:46:52 PM

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New Hope for Humanism

I've just about finished a book that I don't want to finish.  By that I mean that I don't want the book to end.  It's not a great novel or classic piece of literature.  It's "Good Without God" by Greg

07/09/2010 03:44:26 PM

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The Power Of A Hug

A dear couple from my congregation recently sent me a message that let me know they cared about me and were always available to give me a hug.  This message came just a couple of weeks after I formall

07/01/2010 12:32:48 PM

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Let It Go

So much to blog about - So little time!   This is simply my way of saying there is so much going on, with so many opportunities to find joy.  This is not to say that much of what seems to be "going on

06/29/2010 05:00:10 PM

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