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Selma: Commemoration and Commitment

I will be among the thousands of people traveling to Selma to commemorate the sacrifices of 50 years ago and to recommit to the struggle for equal rights today. For it would be a grave mistake to beli

03/02/2015 05:33:06 PM

Rev. Peter Morales (Site / Info)

While Government Shuts Down, Immigration Reform Steps Up

On October 8, I was arrested along with faithful partners, committed organizers, and community leaders in Washington, D.C. We stood together, were handcuffed together, and led away together for one pu

10/09/2013 10:09:45 AM

Rev. Peter Morales (Site / Info)

5 Action Items for Obama

The 2012 election signaled that the United States is again in a "great period of change." The following five issues call out for "new attitudes and outlooks," and I urge President Obama to rise to the

01/16/2013 03:28:22 PM

Rev. Peter Morales (Site / Info)

Fear of the Fiscal Cliff

Fear of plummeting over the "fiscal cliff" is driving the political discourse in Washington right now. The conversation, however, needs to be framed not as a political or economic issue, but as a mora

12/03/2012 05:28:54 PM

Rev. Peter Morales (Site / Info)

Be Not Afraid

Today, as another election season winds down, our attention moves from an intense focus on candidates, ballot initiatives and political tactics to reflection on what it all means and anticipation of w

11/08/2012 12:00:22 PM

Rev. Peter Morales (Site / Info)