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Radical Love and Inclusion

Reprinted form 30 Days of Love. Sometimes I forget that I’m different. Sometimes I’m part of the group, participating and being myself and being accepted for who I am. And then, out of the blue, I’m p

02/06/2014 11:25:00 AM

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Looking Backward, Looking Forward

As we begin a new year together, it is a time to be reflective. Many of us take time to consider the year just finished, and also consider the year that now begins. There are so many ways in which to

01/05/2014 04:50:00 PM

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new year Reflections

The Passing of a Hero

The passing of Nelson Mandela this week reverberated throughout the world.  Rarely has a human being received such universal acclaim and appreciation for his presence on earth.  Mandela represented th

12/12/2013 07:12:00 AM

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Celebrating the Truth

The Today Show ran a short piece recently on Jimmy Jenson, a 48 year old man with Down syndrome.  He ran the New York City Marathon on Sunday and became the first person with Down syndrome to complete

11/04/2013 07:56:00 PM

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The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

The Disability/Ability Action Program is under way and so Unitarian Universalism begins a new chapter in its commitment to inclusion of people who historically have been on the margins of society.  A

09/29/2013 08:12:00 AM

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