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Level the Paying Field

Some labor for too little, others labor too little for too much Gender-based income disparity (the “Gender Pay-gap”) and a minimum wage lower than a living wage are antithetical to the Principles and

9 hours ago

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Spotlight: UU Young Adults of Oakland, CA

Welcome to the Spotlight Series!  Each month we feature a different Unitarian Universalist congregation or community that is doing effective, innovative or otherwise interesting ministry with young ad

1 day ago

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Young Adults congregation best practices Stories and Voices Spotlight

UU Young Adult Leads on Reproductive Choice

Reproductive Choice is not an option The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) has led on the issue of reproductive rights since 1963 – ten years before abortions were legal in this country. In thi

6 days ago

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leadership UUA Young Adults reproductive justice Stories and Voices

The Future is in Color

Rainbow America By Amanda Froelich on the True Activist blog: With the increasing trend of interracial partnerships, it’s much more common for an individual to belong to a variety of hereditary backgr

1 week ago

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India Recognizes Rights of Transgendered

Equal in India The Supreme Court of India handed down its decision mandating a third gender category and full legal and civil-rights for the transgendered population of India on April 15, 2014. Learn

1 week ago

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