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Reproductive Justice in Moving Pictures

The youth group of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus has just released two videos, sharing what they learned about Reproductive Justice and the impact it has on the lives of real peo

8 hours ago

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How Will You Show Up?

RESIST Mass Incarceration and Police Brutality This October Holding the megaphone in my hand felt like standing at the top of a high dive.  It looks easy when someone else dives off, but once you’re u

1 day ago

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It’s Gonna be a Puzzlement…

2 days ago

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Beat ALEC at its Own Game

A Call to Action From the President’s Pen President Peter Morales writes in response to ALEC (the American Legislative Exchange Council) raising funds to counter pressure brought by the Unitarian Univ

2 days ago

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Luminary Leaders: Lighting a New Way

Are you 14-18 or in your first year out of high school?          Are you dedicated to living your Unitarian Universalist faith?                 Are you a leader in your congregation, community, distri

2 days ago

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