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Survey Says…

What? The General Assembly 2014 Youth Feedback Survey is now up. If you were a General Assembly youth attendee, a youth sponsor/parent/advisor/or Director of Religious Education, this is your opportun

6 hours ago

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Economic Justice Is Not a Gift

Tipped-Minimum Wage is  $2.13 hour. Some think that’s enough. Watch “The National Restaurant Association: Hard to Stomach” video, produced by Restaurant Opportunities United (ROC United), re-posted on

2 days ago

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Witnessing the Reality of Reproductive Justice

Reproductive Justice Tour Daily Blog: Day 4 After a hiatus, we continue our reporting of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus and surrounding UU congregations Reproductive Justice learn

4 days ago

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Support YaYA Faithify Projects

An Innovative Way to Support Effective Ministry Faithify.org – a crowd funding website for Unitarian Universalist ministries launched at General Assembly 2014 in Providence, RI. To date the 24 project

4 days ago

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Color Congregation Successful

Go FULL Spectrum   Is the decline of organized religion – particularly amongst Millennials – due to a lack of ethnic diversity in congregation? Bob Smietana points to the inherently multi-ethnic natur

1 week ago

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