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As Far As You Go

Epictetus, from The Handbook, #39. Just as a shoe is as far as your foot goes, so your body is all you have of possessions. Stop there and you’ve  measured rightly. Go further and . . . go over a clif

2 days ago

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Marcus Aurelius on Going Forward

If you see the way clearly, go ahead. If you don’t see clearly, ask advice. As to impediments, if your way appears just, keep going. If you fail, fail while attempting justice. Those who follow the wa

2 weeks ago

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Marcus Aurelius on Contemplation

Develop a thoughtful way of seeing how all things change from one thing into another; constantly focus on this way of thinking; learn this philosophy. Such as person knows we must lose our lives and t

3 weeks ago

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Marcus Aurelius, Meditations II.5

Do every thing you do as if it were your last, using reason to overcome carelessness, distaste, disgust, hypocrisy, egotism, and discontent with your lot in life.

01/02/2016 10:46:01 AM

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Somebody to You, from Epictetus

The Handbook #24. Don’t worry about living as a nobody. “Nobody” is an external. So you’re nobody to someone else. Is that your problem? How can you be a nobody when you’re a somebody to the only one

12/22/2015 08:23:55 PM

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