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Definition Poem

It’s the looming horror of looming horror. It’s not seeing the ice for the freeze. It’s seeing the jumble or not that defines a thought outside the distracted noise and noisome breeze. It’s the faint

4 days ago

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The wind that shatters the fountain’s plume into mist reminds preening ducks of winter’s coming; reminds me to forget the missteps; the blood; the summer. Tagged: #poem #poetry

1 week ago

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A Buddhist Precept

Yes, the jury’s still out . . . because there’s a jury and a judge. But the search ends for the order unseen when we call out, Olly, olly, oxen free! The truth stops hiding and runs for base when you

2 weeks ago

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The Cat Got His Bomb On

Those mice will stop their playing now that the cat’s got his bombing on. I swear the grainy footage from this war is better than the grainy pictures from the last. While the cat’s away and all . . .

3 weeks ago

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The Little Picture

We’ve already skipped the first step, wherever we start. Besides, the spoon never tastes the soup anyway. Sure, there’s meaning in a jet way up, but down in the ditch the air is sliced other ways. The

09/19/2014 10:50:44 AM

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