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Epictetus, from the Handbook

12. If you hope to get better, you’ve got to stop saying, “If I leave time for thought, I will starve to death.” Isn’t it better to starve than to survive in agitation? Peace of mind has a cost. Tagge

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Epictetus from The Handbook–the will

9. Illness slows the body but not the will; disability impedes the body but not the will. Remind yourself —no matter what happens— every impediment stops something . . . But not your will. Tagged: #St

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from The Handbook by Epictetus, “Where Your Piety Goes”

31. The essence of a proper relationship with nature is to see that nature does what nature does very well. Obey nature. Yield to nature. Nature is wise. Yield and you will not fault nature. You won’t

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Epictetus, from the Handbook–Going to a Fortune Teller

32. Everyone wants his fortune told. But wait: You know what you want, don’t you? OK, think—is that within your power? If not, it’s neither good nor bad. Yes, everyone wants her fortune told. If you g

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from the Handbook of Epictetus

2. Remember: desire means grasping for what you desire. Hatred means avoiding what you hate. Not getting what you desire means disappointment. Getting what you hate equals misery. Avoid what you have

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