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The Cat Got His Bomb On

Those mice will stop their playing now that the cat’s got his bombing on. I swear the grainy footage from this war is better than the grainy pictures from the last. While the cat’s away and all . . .

6 days ago

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Religion #poem #poetry

The Little Picture

We’ve already skipped the first step, wherever we start. Besides, the spoon never tastes the soup anyway. Sure, there’s meaning in a jet way up, but down in the ditch the air is sliced other ways. The

1 week ago

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Four Bits from the Drunk Vet at the Bar

1. –I’m done with war, that’s my point. 2. You ain’t better than the guy you’re killin’. 3. Five tours, not hit once. What is that? 4. If I’d followed you guys, been middle class, I would’ve stayed ho

2 weeks ago

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Poetry war #uublogger

Each Fine Morning

Always the world is going to hell; most of the time, it’s already there. It’s up to where you’re standing. Cataclysms coming, cataclysms gone, the scars on mind and skin, yet hardly a dint in the air

3 weeks ago

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The Soul Goes for Cigarettes

The soul leaves you more often than death— several times more often it leaves you alone— leaves out of boredom, leaves out of tedium too, out of blaring busyness. It says, “see ya,” and it does—looks

08/24/2014 09:42:18 AM

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