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Epictetus from the Handbook

40.  Praise beauty and that’s what’s prized. Praise justice and the  same thing happens.  Tagged: #poem #poetry, #Stoicism, philosophy

22 hours ago

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Poetry philosophy #Stoicism #poem #poetry

On Stopping with Enough, from the Handbook by Epictetus

39. Just as a foot fills up its shoe, your body is as far as your possessions go. Stop there and you’ve  measured rightly. Go further and . . . go over a cliff– Just as a shoe loses purpose when first

1 week ago

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Poetry #Stoicism #poem #poetry

Watch Your Mind, Epictetus from The Handbook

38. When you walk, you watch out for twisting an ankle or stepping on a nail. Just so, watch out for twisting your mind. Do this for everything you do and you should be OK. Tagged: #Stoicism, philosop

2 weeks ago

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Poetry philosophy #Stoicism

from The Handbook by Epictetus

13. If you wish to improve, accept being thought a bit simple and foolish when it comes to things of this world. Don’t try to look smart. If you look smart, you’re doing something wrong. Here’s the tr

3 weeks ago

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Poetry philosophy #Stoicism

Marcus Aurelius on finding Happiness

Observe what your nature wills and allow nothing to distract you. You have searched and searched but happiness has eluded you. You have not found happiness in logic nor in wealth nor in fame nor in pl

09/04/2015 10:17:38 AM

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