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The Stoic Method of Marcus Aurelius

Stop trusting your subjective judgment. Stop allowing your desires to make you a puppet on a string. Get into the present moment. Observe how things happen to you and to others. Notice what is cause,

6 days ago

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Marcus Aurelius, from Exhotations to Himself

When you wake up in the morning and don’t want to get out of bed, think about this: I am getting up to do the work of a human being. Why am I dissatisfied with doing the things for which I exist? Or d

1 week ago

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Epictetus, from The Handbook

Remember: externals cost. You must pay the price. You want what someone else has? You must pay the price and do what that someone did to get it. How much does a head of lettuce cost? If someone else c

2 weeks ago

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Marcus Aurelius, from “Exhortations to Himself”

If you want tranquility, focus. Isn’t it best to focus on what it takes to be a decent social animal? Such actions bring not only the tranquility that comes from doing well, but also the satisfaction

12/17/2016 09:11:55 AM

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Marcus Aurelius, from Exhortations to Himself

IV. 7. Take away your opinion about it, and you take away your complaint, “I have been harmed.” Take away your complaint that you have been harmed, and the harm goes away. 8. Those things that do not

12/10/2016 05:05:47 PM

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