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The Womp Womp Mindset

We live in a country where politicians have always pandered to voters by talking about their hard-working, poor, immigrant ancestors who came here with nothing but a dream and the determination to mak

10 hours ago

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Love the Alien as Yourself

Attorney General Jeff Sessions used a bible verse to justify separating children from their parents at the border. I will have more to say on this abomination in the coming days, but having a limited

5 days ago

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Oscar Christ?

Around the time I was writing the novel Angel, I started a project of reading the New Testament with the books in the order that scholars believe they were written. (This was before the late Marcus Bo

1 week ago

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Mourning Lost Characters with Jean Alica Elster

A wonderful Detroit writer who I have had the pleasure to meet at a number of local author events is Jean Alica Elster. As a Kresge Arts fellow, she was featured in a video discussing her work. I thou

2 weeks ago

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Writing Michigan Writers

“Compelling Reading”

The New Criterion has published a joint review by Carl Rollyson of Oscar’s Ghost and Nicholas Frankel’s Oscar Wilde: The Unrepentant Years. “Frankel’s Wilde is resilient and defiant—and also wily,” Ro

2 weeks ago

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Oscar's Ghost