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Davy Jones: My Imaginary Friend

This post was written in response to a writing prompt from The Daily Post. The prompt suggests writing about your childhood “imaginary friend.” My imaginary friend when I was a girl was a real person

10 hours ago

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Artists: Please Stop Apologizing for Wanting to Make a Living.

In my other life I manage a ballet dancer. So I get a lot of ballet-related posts in my media stream. Today I started to read a story called Why All Those Rules? It was written by ballet teacher Amand

1 day ago

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Do We Live in an Anti-Enthusiasm Culture?

I hate the expression “too much time on your hands.” People usually use it after someone has shared something they put a lot of work into for the pure joy of creation. For example, a friend spent mont

2 days ago

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The Curious Kick of Hearing an Actor Reading Your Writing

I’m stealing this headline from an article in The Millions.  It is an article about the reactions a fellow Detroit author, Bill Morris author of Motor City Burning, on hearing his words read by an act

2 days ago

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Angel (Novel) Story Telling

The Only Way We Can Make Your Entry Correct Is To Give You a False Name

When I visited the Audible page for the new audiobook version of my novel Angel, I noticed that there were a couple of books that I did not write listed as “more from this author.” I wrote to Audible

3 days ago

The Power of Narrative (Site / Info)

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