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You Whom I Hoped to Reach by Writing

Back when I lived in my first apartment– half of the only house in a trailer park in Cadillac, Michigan. I read a book of poetry by Erica Jong. Only one poem stuck with me, and then only parts of it.

1 day ago

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Who Are You?

The word “identity” ultimately derives from a Latin word meaning “sameness.”  An identity is the cluster of traits that point to one individual remaining the same, identifiable individual over time. 

2 days ago

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Unexpected Twists, Turns and Formats

Thank you to “New Adult Reads” for reviewing “Identity Theft.” “Lee definitely planned out so many twists and unexpected turns that I was guessing how it would end right up until the end. Thank you fo

4 days ago

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Identity Theft (Novel)

“It’s Not Personal.”

Often when something upsetting happens people will try to cheer you up by explaining that “it’s not personal.” Being laid off from a job is not like being dumped by a boyfriend, the thinking goes. It’

5 days ago

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Work Failure Language Identity Theft (Novel)

Blog Tour: Identity Theft by Laura Lee and giveaway

Originally posted on Arie James Writes: I recently joined a blog tour from Pen and Muse Press and I’m super excited to talk about it today! I was drawn to this book when it was described as genre-defy

1 week ago

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