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of spiders and scariness (a pre-Halloween challenge)

A couple of years ago, I discovered trail running. I love running in nature, and I love autumn, and I am thrilled to be living in a part of the country that offers both, and for months at a time. You

4 weeks ago

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Unitarian Universalism fear Homeschooling 7th Principle Family Life a mild case of arachnophobia fall Halloween spiders

homeschooling for happiness (wherein our family tries again)

Fifteen months ago, I told you that I planned to stop homeschooling my older son after a rough first year. That decision was a great relief, an end to months of internal wrestling and ceaseless dialog

09/03/2014 01:27:03 AM

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Uncategorized Unitarian Universalism parenting Homeschooling back to homeschool back to school I love to watch you play public education special needs children unschooling

12 weeks; 25 lessons . . . my summer in CPE

Greetings, friends. As the ink dries on my final self-evaluation, presented just this morning, I rejoice in part by sharing this list with you. I send my appreciation to my cohort-group colleagues (an

08/04/2014 06:20:33 PM

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Unitarian Universalism Ministry unitarian universalist discernment CPE listening pastoral care seminary chaplaincy grief & loss #min2be CPE summer intensive formation process health care chaplaincy St. Luke's Hospital KC UU seminary

on mothering from afar

There are watermelon slices sitting, in an alchemy that somehow encompasses both rotting and drying, uncovered in the fridge. Perhaps they’re from the one I bought 10 days ago, green and heavy and sli

07/04/2014 01:22:01 PM

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