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anger: a love story

I love my friends and my family.  They are amazing, creative, funny, loving people. And, like me, they are imperfect.  They make mistakes.  They have done things, sometimes, that were hurtful, or offe

3 weeks ago

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yes, mothers, somebody needs you: to be YOU.

This past week I’ve seen this post again and again.  It seems to strike a needed nerve with some of my facebook friends, and so they share, often with a personal testimonial. The sharers are some of t

03/10/2014 03:43:08 PM

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on failure to fly in four-year-olds

I don’t yet know how we remember days like this, in the long run. This is A Day When Silas Did Not Die.  As, so far, they all have been . . . so how do you mark the moments where your day, and your li

02/27/2014 06:04:59 PM

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self-care for extroverts, and introverts, and anyone else who wants to heal the world

Last week was full of voices. I went out to meet them.  I brought my own.  Finally, I came home, wrapped myself in a blessed silence . . . and got up the next day to do the same thing with new people.

02/25/2014 11:56:55 PM

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helpful hints for awesome applications (or why NO ONE should have to read the essay I just wrote)

Friends, I have been editing what is, hands down, the worst essay I’ve ever written. In fact, I am writing this now because I needed space to make a decision.  There comes a time when you must grit yo

02/08/2014 03:51:33 PM

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