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Learn. Live. Love. Laugh.   (my Unitarian Universalist credo) and apparently Emerson's, too. "Live well,  Learn plenty,  Laugh often,  Love much."  Ralph Waldo Emerson

11/05/2014 01:42:00 PM

Pullman Memorial Pastor's Blog (Site / Info)

Do we teach Universalism?

Do we teach Universalism? We teach the power of Love. We teach how to live life. We teach responsibility for our planet. We teach there is no fear in death or dying. We teach the wisdom of generations

10/05/2014 07:17:00 PM

Pullman Memorial Pastor's Blog (Site / Info)

A roof over our heads

It's now a proven fact - George Pullman spared no expense in building a memorial to his parents. The Pullman Memorial Universalist Church - dedicated to Lewis and Emily Caroline Pullman - was designed

09/04/2014 10:17:00 AM

Pullman Memorial Pastor's Blog (Site / Info)

The Pullman Praise-togethers - praise band

The 120+ year history of Pullman Memorial Universalist Church includes a number of committees and groups, including a ladies-aid group called the "Pull-togethers." Well, after reading our local newspa

08/14/2014 07:02:00 PM

Pullman Memorial Pastor's Blog (Site / Info)

music praise

Time for some conflict resolution

"Creating harmony in a conflicted world" will examine how to reduce or eliminate conflict on numerous levels, from the international to interpersonal to intra-personal. Five knowledgeable presenters.

08/07/2014 10:22:00 AM

Pullman Memorial Pastor's Blog (Site / Info)