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Helping the innocent

One of our younger church members needs help... Tyler was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 7. He has what is known as "labile diabetes" which means that he has extreme, volatile fluctuatio

2 days ago

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Summer salon: Universalist theology

It's that time again. For our third summer since becoming a full-year church, our popular program of readings and discussion starts this coming Sunday. Like the first year we did this, someone will pr

3 weeks ago

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Theology Universalism

The gun cabinet in my office

Subtitled: Long time peace activist installs gun cabinet in the minister's study. No, I haven't lost it (my mind). Rather, I've found it (my heritage). I remember the tall pine cabinet from my youth.

4 weeks ago

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Encounters of the weird, aka POV

Our church was open for touring and meditation this morning, as it is each Wednesday in the summer. As it happened, a tour bus of Southern Baptists had stopped in town, and several saw our "Open House

06/25/2014 06:57:00 PM

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Comedy, not creeds

Qualifications for membership: Comedy not creeds. A sense of humor. Wit with a funny bone. Guffaws, chortles, titters, grins and smiles most welcome. I firmly believe that to be a Unitarian Universali

06/20/2014 10:26:00 AM

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