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Taking issue with those who speak for us all

When someone tells me that Unitarian Universalism is this - "XYZ" - and only this (XYZ), I get rankled. This morning I read on a "I am UU" Facebook post: "It always upsets someone when we point out th

1 week ago

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Generous hospitality by the carafe (and a secret)

I've had occasion to stay in a few hotels, and B&Bs over the past couple years. It seems that most nowadays provide some sort of coffee setup in the room for those of us (like myself) who wake too ear

3 weeks ago

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UU Liturgical Colors

I entered the chaplain' office at the hospital on Good Friday and was confronted with a sea of purple chaplains. Shirts, blouses, dresses, scarves, even sox were some shade of purple. I didn't get the

04/08/2015 01:33:00 PM

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Open because we want to be

Snow. Cold. Ice. Winds. Whiteouts. Winter weather forecast that caused the churches in our town to close preemptively on Sunday. All of them except two - the Catholic church, and my Universalist churc

02/16/2015 01:10:00 PM

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Because. That's why.

I've heard it said that "Not all questions have answers." And yet, it seems to me there are some universal answers. "Why?" (Parents know this one!) Because I said so. "When?" When I say so. "Who?" Who

02/06/2015 08:41:00 AM

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