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A Jesus we can live with

Something different this time. Rather than a blog post I'm going to direct you to my Palm Sunday sermon. "Christologies" - an examination of various perspectives on Jesus - is available in either text

4 days ago

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When will it end?

This winter doesn't seem to want to let go. Temps have bounced around from near 60 to below 30, from sunny and warm to cloudy and cold, from rain to dry to snow. We get teasers of impending spring, th

1 week ago

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Puzzle pieces

I used to assemble jigsaw puzzles with my mom when I was growing up. We set up a card table in the living room and every night spent some time putting together a 500, or 1000, or even larger puzzle. M

2 weeks ago

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God or no God, you are welcome here

One of the deepest spiritual needs a person has is for community - a group of others where one can experience Love and acceptance and respect. A place where one can practice being a fully actualized h

3 weeks ago

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Quotes: the haikus of sermons

Each week I seek out a quote to put on my church's website, and each day I put up a brief thought, quote, or idea on my church's Facebook page. The word I get back is that these are quite popular, wit

03/19/2014 09:29:00 AM

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