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Field Notes: SupConf 2016

Happiness Engineer Sandy McFadden talks about his experience at the first ever SupConf — a conference for support professionals.

1 hour ago

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Our Summer Program Will Be MakerSpace

As we usually do, we had the children vote on what they would like to do learn about this summer in religious education at the Children’s Annual Meeting. The choice was … MakerSpace! MakerSpace is an

1 hour ago

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Today in my walk along Capisic Brook, I took photos of ferns, hoping to identify the different species I noticed.  When I got home, and tried to compare these with fern guides online, I realized it wa

3 hours ago

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More smoke from land grabbers

Not that there's anything wrong with an "Idaho Politics Weekly" publication being "presented by Zions Bank," but yeah, their motives may be suspect. The poll they just commissioned Dan Jones & Associa

3 hours ago

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“Only an atheist can be a good Christian; only a Christian can be a good atheist.”

     “Only an atheist can be a good Christian; only a Christian can be a good atheist.”        “The best thing about religion is that it makes for heretics.” — Ernst Bloch (Two epigraphs in Atheism in

3 hours ago

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Words from a Western Dharma Master

“This is what you shall do: Love the earth and sun and the animals, despise riches, give alms to every one that asks, stand up for the stupid and crazy, devote your income and labor to others, hate ty

5 hours ago

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What UUFP Has Taught Me

by Chris Hockman Since we didn’t get a recording of Sunday’s services, I thought I’d provide you with the reading and sermon. Enjoy! Two travelers on their way to Japan were standing at the rail of th

6 hours ago

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Educación y tecnología: la tecnología por sí misma no produce cambios sociales

Me piden un artículo sobre educación y tecnología para la revista FocusEd, una publicación digital sobre comunicación y educación de gran prestigio, dirigida a un público tanto de docentes como de pad

6 hours ago

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The US Corp of Engineers has named one of the corporate strategies for environmental destruction, piecemealing. The idea is that those terrible things that some corporations would do to us in their gr

7 hours ago

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Running the N*gas Out of Tulsa

Whoever labled this picture now in the collection of the Tulsa Historica Society was not ashamed to boast about the intent of the riot. Note:   The Tulsa Race Riot of 1921 was one of the ugliest and l

7 hours ago

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May 31–Belonging: Every Heart a Temple

I belong to no religion. My religion is Love. Every heart is my temple. — Rumi As we come to our last day of reflecting on the theme of belonging, these words of Rumi elicit the core of what our … Con

7 hours ago

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Move Over Sabrina, There’s a New Witch in Town!

In many ways this new TV show is like a modern day version of Kiki's Delivery Service, but set in a rural small town, much closer to Nature.

8 hours ago

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The Art of Life

“I have received no assurance that anything we can do will eradicate suffering. I think the best results are obtained by people who work quietly away at limited objectives, such as the abolition of th

9 hours ago

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Hot Dogs! Hot Dogs! And from there on, Mickey Mouse Never Shuts Up…

It was on this day in 1929 that Mickey Mouse, unlike many other stars of the silent film era, made his successful cross over to talkies. While there were nine films featuring the plucky mouse before t

11 hours ago

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How a UU Prays

The title is short and might mislead someone who is unfamiliar with Unitarian Universalism. This is about how a specific UU prays, because there are very few things about which anyone can write which

13 hours ago

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Resting After Vacation

I rested a lot today. Including with some Benadryl after lots of insect bites this weekend. Lots of armchair time, lots of kitty time. I think it’s just what I needed.

18 hours ago

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Resting and Nesting

It is amazing how books on a book shelf can induce a feeling of home.  After a pretty busy few weeks (or shall I say–months?), I had this weekend off, and filled it with resting and nesting. I was abl

18 hours ago

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Present! Farley

Sounds like Dickens to say “Old Farley was dead as a door-nail,” but it’s not Marley this time. Our the Rev. Dr. Farley Wilder Wheelwright died at the very end of February at 99. While we can all pull

23 hours ago

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Benny Turns One Hundred, Seven, and Remains as Cool as Ever

Benjamin David “Benny” Goodman was born on this day in 1909. One of the greats. No doubt…

23 hours ago

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I’ll be at General Assembly in Columbus; want to meet?

The title says it all. If you are attending the Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly in Columbus, Ohio and would like to meet and speak with me — say, about approaches to Universalism o

23 hours ago

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