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365 Days of Love: Love Resources you can use all year

Thanks for checking out these resources from past Thirty Days of Love that you can use all year round! This year, we are excited to support thirty days of action on climate justice from World Water Da

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Nice work if you can get it

Remember when you learned the days of the months? Something like this: "Eleven days hath January, February, April; twelve in March, May and June. July hath 16, September but 10. Eight days in December

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Thanksgiving Potluck – Noon, November 27th!

Join your FUUN family for a Thanksgiving potluck. We will provide turkeys and beverages. You are invited to bring your favorite side dish and a dessert to share. There’s always lots of delicious food

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The Gospel of Humanism

THE GOSPEL OF HUMANISM   (Source #5) Rev. Kit Ketcham, Nov. 23, 2014          During this next several months, I’m speaking on the six Sources of Unitarian Universalism, which form the foundation for

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Voting against, rather than voting for

Here’s a somewhat different perspective on American electoral policies: what happened last month was not an election. It would be defined better as a referendum. In an election you vote for a candidat

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politics Republican Party policy election democratic party bribes Germany lobbying midterm referendum voters

November 24–The Kitchen: Our Container

As I write this, my family and I are beginning our first day of Thanksgiving week at the beach.  It is a tradition that we established when our children were very little.  It requires planning and sav

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The Kitchen UU 7th Principle

First Aid For Crushes: 11 Things to do other than “white knuckle it and try not to panic”.

You have, overwhelmingly, said two things to me in the last month.  Firstly, so many of you have told me ... Continue reading

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Places to Remember: In Memory of Leslie Feinberg

When Daisy Hernández thinks about Stone Butch Blues, Leslie Feinberg's classic novel of the transgender experience, she thinks of a conference room in Manhattan and a young trans man she was in love w

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Feminism Transgender anti-racism activism gender lgbt queer lgbtq Leslie Feinberg Queer Perspectives Minnie Bruce Pratt Stone Butch Blues Trans Trans Liberation Transgender Warriors A Cup of Water Under My Bed Daisy Hernández A Cop of Water Under My Bed Gender-neutral pronoun labor The Advocate

Pagan Community Notes: Doreen Valiente Foundation, Michigan Pagans Adopt-a-Family, AAR 2014 and much more!

Pagan Community Notes is a series focused on news originating from within the Pagan community. Reinforcing the idea that what happens to and within our organizations, groups, and events is news, and n

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The Wild Hunt | A modern Pagan perspective. (Site / Info)

Paganism climate change AAR Adopt a Family American Academy of Religion Avalonia Press British Journal of Photography Chas Clifton Daragh McDonagh Doreen Valiente Foundation ECER Einar Selvik Henry Bogdan Inija Trinkūnienė Irish Shamanism Jacqueline Kirkham MCCS Michigan Council of Covens and Solitaires Mythicworlds Palgrave Macmillan PRRI Public Religion Research Institute Romuva Sexuality and New Religious Movements The Smokey Crystal The Wicca Man Vikings Wardruna Yvonne Aburrow

And a Blessed Evolution Day to All!

It was on this day in 1859, some one hundred and fifty-five years ago, that Charles Darwin’s revolutionary book On the Origin of Species was published. While the great observation is probably Darwin D

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Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to volunteer at a Food Bank in Atlantic City. The irony of it all was not lost upon me as I drove the few short miles from the congregation I am serving in Gallowa

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A Jersey Girl in Kentucky (Site / Info)

into the woods.

We are off this coming week at Clear Spring School due to the Thanksgiving holiday, but I need to say just a few words about last week. Each year when the ticks and other biting insects are killed by

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Wisdom of the Hands (Site / Info)

Truth and Meaning: Frivolous Waste

During the last week of the recent campaign for District 98 State Representative, Midlanders received a barrage of lurid and sensationalist ads predicting all manner of doom and gloom that would befal

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justice youth Women lgbt Midland income inequality

Happy 25th Birthday?

… Read more

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human rights Children's Rights unicef united nations convention on the rights of the child

Doing God's will is "keepin it real"

"God's Will is that you are His Son." it is written in A Course In Miracles. In more contemporary language we might write, "Life's will is that you are part of itself, obviously or you would not be he

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Hanging Out

Sure, it’s wonderful to be with your closest friends, to have shared adventures or intimate conversations. But there’s something to be said for just hanging out, relaxing in the company of strangers a

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Charles Darwin and the Book that Changed the World

First Edition  of On the Origin of Species with an inscription by the author. On November 24, 1859 On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the S

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Heretic, Rebel, a Thing to Flout (Site / Info)

evolution Alfred Russell Wallace Charles Darwin descent of man Galápagos. Erasmus Darwin HMS Beagle Lamark natural selection Origin of Species Thomas Malthus

Simple Joys

Telling jokes with my goddaughters. They have figured out gross jokes...

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Remembering Attention (Site / Info)

Render unto Caesar

IDEAS: Students occasionally offered erroneous answers with absolute confidence, but this fellow had thrown down a gauntlet.

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Two Old Poems from my time at Starr King School for the Ministry

With all the negative attention that Starr King School for the Ministry is getting in the press these days, I thought I would share these two poems that I wrote while a student.  I will be forever gra

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Sermons, Poetry, and Other Musings (Site / Info)

Unitarian Universalism Poetry Starr King School for the Ministry