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Blog: Trip to Hungary and Romania

I’m on a pilgrimage to Transylvania! Hearing that you might say, Vaaaat? But Dracula vill suck your bloooood! Actually, in Transylvania (which is a region of Romania, right below the Carpathian Mounta

5 hours ago

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Wed, 10:30: This is not a Christmas display .... Please tell me it's not! @ Costco https://t.co/w9DBa3RKy0

6 hours ago

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Charitable Giving at Pagan Pride

TWH –This is the time of year when, in advance of the nearly-inevitable “real witch” stories that are written in October, many Pagans try to shape the public image of their religions by participating

6 hours ago

The Wild Hunt (Site / Info)

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          There’s no single reason certain folk won’t vote for Hillary Clinton. Some will never vote for a Democrat, no how, no way. Some get their info from supermarket tabloids—meaning they deserve

7 hours ago

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  [This was a column published in the Daily News just before Trump’s downfall in the polls]           Political liberals are the worst of nervous nellies, ever fretting lest their world come to an end

7 hours ago

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Liavek 6! Now available! Only $2.99!

"Cenedwine Brocade" by Caroline Stevermer "A Hypothetical Lizard" by Alan Moore "Training Ground" by Nancy Kress "Riding the Hammer" by John M. Ford "Liavek is a place worth visiting. Get there before

8 hours ago

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There's a lot that could come under that topic these days, but I'm thinking of the Conservative HQ staff and editor ranting about election fraud, and sure, why not, the next level. Reading between the

9 hours ago

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REVIEW: Max Dashu's Witches and Pagans

Witches and Pagans: Women in European Folk Religion, 700-1100, by Max Dashú (Veleda Press, 2016) trade paperback, 6” x 9” 406 pages. Available now only from the Veleda Press website. This is the long-

9 hours ago

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CUUPS Convo in Review

This past weekend CUUPS Continental held a Convo in Salem, Massachusetts – and … people came from all around the country we discovered a few of the amazingly diverse ways different CUUPS chapters meet

13 hours ago

Nature’s Path (Site / Info)

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Unitarians Emerging in Nelson

There’s a new Emerging Unitarian congregation on the horizon, tucked away in beautiful, British Columbia: The Nelson Unitarian Spiritual Centre. Who are they? A diverse group of seekers, grounded in t

14 hours ago

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The limitations of conventional language based learning

We all know that craftsmanship is an expression of values. A man or woman does beautiful and useful work because he or she cares enough to make it so. The inclination to create beautiful and useful th

14 hours ago

Wisdom of the Hands (Site / Info)

Previews of Coming Attractions—Shameless Self Promotion Division

The Old Man reading at Haystacks Coffee House last April not long after last haircut. Well I am barbered to a fare-thee-well and suddenly respectable.   The greasy long locks are gone, goatee neatly t

16 hours ago

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Thinking of Books That Helped Me on My Spiritual Path

I would like to hold up for your consideration a small out of print book. Think of it as an invitation to hang out in used bookstores. While there look around for Simons Roof’s Journeys on the Razor-e

17 hours ago

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August 31–Return Again: You’ll Never Know

I am prone to rush to judgment.  I also know that doing so is almost always a bad idea that comes with bad results. My bad judgments are almost always around pieces of information.  Never about the co

18 hours ago

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Thoughts From the US Open

1. One day isn’t enough. 2. Small court tennis is awesome 3. Arthur Ashe Stadium is too big for tennis and too steep. 4. The Carnegie Deli pastrami I had was slow and meh. The Fully Belly/ Rosen’s Del

23 hours ago

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Sources of prayers: an English book from 1903

The services before the Hymns of the Spirit include prayers and litanies from various sources, including the 1903 Devotional Services for Public Worship, by John Hunter. He was the minister of King’s

1 day ago

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Sources of prayers: an English book from 1903

The services before the Hymns of the Spirit include prayers and litanies from various sources, including the 1903 Devotional Services for Public Worship, by John Hunter. He was the minister of King’s

1 day ago

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CUUPS Convocation 2016

Almost 80 CUUPS members and friends from around the country traveled to Salem, Massachusetts for a long weekend of rituals, workshops, keynote addresses, and the kind of conversations we can’t seem to

1 day ago

John Beckett (Site / Info)

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Some Questions Approaching the Fall

Does the changing of the season Speak to your spirit? The warm glow of sunsets The rustle of autumn leaves.   We must prepare for winter Even as we bask   In the fading light.   What did you harvest t

1 day ago

Sermons, Poetry, and Other Musings (Site / Info)

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Read this: UUA President urges opposition to Dakota Access Pipeline

‘A textbook case of marginalizing minority communities in the drive to increase fossil fuel supplies,’ says UUA President.

1 day ago

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