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National Poetry Month—The Urbane, Witty and Prolific Louis Untermeyer

The young businessman, socialist, and poet.  I wonder if it is still so.   When I was a callow youth Louis Untermeyer’s Modern American Poetry, Modern British Poetry, and Fifty Modern American and Bri

56 minutes ago

Heretic, Rebel, a Thing to Flout (Site / Info)

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Each Man Kills The Thing He Loves

In one of his trials for gross indecency, Oscar Wilde was asked to comment on a phrase he had written in an Oxford publication edited by his friend Lord Alfred Douglas. “If one tells the truth one is

1 hour ago

The Power of Narrative (Site / Info)

Poetry Literature Lord Alfred Douglas Oscar Wilde

Who Gave You The Right to Be You?

While we’re on the subject of identity theft…. Does this video make your head hurt? It does mine. Suppose someone was impersonating you online and when you confronted him, he tried to make the case th

2 hours ago

The Power of Narrative (Site / Info)

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Perfect Easter Weather

What would perfect Easter weather look like? Warmish, but not too warm. And not too much sun either-- makes the chocolate in the eggs melt. Definitely not raining. Rain, rain, go away--no one wants an

4 hours ago

Remembering Attention (Site / Info)

What We Don’t Yet Know For Sure (in the name of religious freedom)

This past week, the state legislatures in two states, Indiana and Arkansas, approved so-called “religious objections” laws. These types of legislation (previously passed by 18 states) are ostensibly b

6 hours ago

UUWF (Site / Info)


HB 50 Disenfranchises Voters with STDs

State Representative Juandalynn Givan (D-Birmingham) after hearing about a minister in Montgomery who engaged in ministerial misconduct with multiple women from his congregation and had infected sever

7 hours ago

A Unitarian Universalist Minister in the South (Site / Info)

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No joke

Remember when eight U.S. attorneys got fired and Congress was demanding that the White House cough up some emails for the investigation and whoops, five million emails or so, over a two-year period we

10 hours ago

fortboise.org (Site / Info)


Originally posted on Bewitching Kitchen: Disclaimer #1:  This is not a food-related post Disclaimer #2: I am taking my gloves off…

10 hours ago

(formerly) Musings of a Kitchen Witch (Site / Info)


What 'Religious Freedom' Really Means

The Church of Jesus Christ-Christian, aka the Aryan Nations, at Hayden Lake, Idaho, in 2000. The furor over recent "religious freedom" bills being passed in various states -- particularly Indiana, wit

11 hours ago

Orcinus (Site / Info)

CUC Moving Sale

The CUC is downsizing to a smaller office with a lot of shared amenities. Therefore we will not need a lot of our current electronics / furniture / kitchen supplies. Some of the items include: older c

11 hours ago

Canadian Unitarian Council (Site / Info)

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The Only Way Out is Through

Our Self-Wrought Epic Disaster “Would you stop yelling about how we’re all screwed?” my supervisor politely asked. Oh. Right. Not exactly the type of thing to yell when you work in an open office like

11 hours ago

Blue Boat of Youth and Young Adult Ministries (Site / Info)

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Breakfast Meeting for Aspirants at ACM

David Petel, the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Ministerial Credentialing Director, will host a breakfast for aspirants and candidates. This will take place on Sunday May 17 at the Annual Confer

11 hours ago

Canadian Unitarian Council (Site / Info)

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My tweets

Wed, 09:10: Wedding for Asylum Seeking African Lesbian Couple at San Francisco City Hall http://t.co/8PK4pChTc7

12 hours ago

Dangerous Common Sense (Site / Info)


Success in Thug Kitchen

Pumpkin chili ala Alison At my new space, 100 Grand Ave., a restaurant isn't one of the perks. This is good because I am under some filial pressure to take responsibility for what I eat. It helps to h

13 hours ago

spirit flows thru -- Alison Rittger's spiritual reflections on finding the holy in the daily - blog (Site / Info)


YA@GA Elections Tuesday April 7th!

YOU DECIDE IN ONE WEEK  What YOU Need to Know to Vote: As explained in this post calling for candidates, Young Adults@General Assembly (YA@GA) was known as Young Adult Caucus and historically elected 

14 hours ago

Blue Boat of Youth and Young Adult Ministries (Site / Info)

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Direct Democracy and UUA “citizenship” – part 3

Friends, My final (I think) post in a series on exploring what direct democracy might look like if we implemented it at the UUA is now available over on the Lively Tradition. I am thinking it would be

14 hours ago

Speaking of... (Site / Info)

UUA polity Public Theology

Turning UU ministers into entrepreneurs begs the question of what are they going to sell?

The UU Ministers Association has a new program they are calling "Entrepreneurial Ministry" apparently designed to help UUs package and market the product to gain more market share. While packaging and

14 hours ago

UU A Way Of Life (Site / Info)

If Canada Revenue Agency Comes Calling, Will You Be Ready?

Since the announcement in January 2015 of Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) audit of the Canadian Unitarian Council, there has been discussion, concern and confusion about charitable status, charitable an

15 hours ago

Canadian Unitarian Council (Site / Info)

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The supreme death panel

One of the things that makes the United States of America exceptional is state-sanctioned killing. We're in the "top" ten of the less than half of countries that still have capital punishment, sandwic

15 hours ago

fortboise.org (Site / Info)

Cats Laughing: "The Eagle and the Hummingbird{"

Primitive concert footage from a primitive time: The Eagle and the Hummingbird 1994 | The Dream Café

15 hours ago

it's all one thing (Site / Info)