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CUC Month

UU Fun Fact Did you know that Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, turned to Unitarian Universalism after having children, having abstained from religion since rejecting his Church of Engl

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Canadian Unitarian Council (Site / Info)

CUC Month

what every child needs...

I was asked to write something free for a woodworking magazine and figured I might as well write what I would be writing anyway. The following which may be edited and may or may not be used. Yesterday

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Wisdom of the Hands (Site / Info)

At the Finish Line

We all hold the image, if not the experience, of a crowd waiting at the finish line of a race to welcome and cheer on the weary contestants as they enter the final stretch. For what part of your life

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Daily Compass (Site / Info)


Charles Schulz as Religious Humanist

I notice that it was yesterday in 2000 that the wildly popular cartoonist Charles M Schulz died. And as it happens the next day, today, sixteen years ago, the last of the original Peanuts strips appea

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Monkey Mind (Site / Info)


Easy way to learn ukelele

I enjoy watching Philip McKnight talk about guitar and gear on YouTube and he has a great 3 1/2 minute on how to play ukulele if you are a guitar player. Basically, you can think of a ukulele ad being

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Ramblings of an EdMan (Site / Info)


“This Machine” — Roy Zimmerman Concert (15 March 2016)

Do you remember last year when you were kicking yourself because you missed this guy? or … Do you remember last year when you came to hear this guy and wished you’d brought all your friends? Now is yo

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Announcements – All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church of Shreveport, Louisiana (Site / Info)

Seeking Sanctuary

In my experience, when people are asked why they became Unitarian Universalists, or why they remain Unitarian Universalists, one of the reasons most often cited is community.  We seek groups of people

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UUXMNR (Site / Info)

Religion Unitarian Universalism spirituality church community #UULent awe

Awakening Vibrations: Tibetan Singing Bowls and Gong Meditation with Joy Clemons (27 February 2016)

Join us on 27 February 2016 at 4:30 PM as we journey into our essence and merging with the unified field of energy where harmony prevails. Through sound immersion, we will experience peace and deep re

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Announcements – All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church of Shreveport, Louisiana (Site / Info)

Building and Grounds Work Day — 13 February 2016

Please join us on Saturday (13 February 2016) from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM for our monthly building and grounds work day. Spring is starting to peek out here and there on the church grounds and the forecas

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Announcements – All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church of Shreveport, Louisiana (Site / Info)

UU Lent - Quiet

SSL day 28 I work nights so most of the time it's quiet. Unless of course we have some interesting topic to talk about. We keep our part of the office batcave-dark with only the lights from our comput

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My Buddhagan Chronicles (Site / Info)

UU UULent2016

Walking On

I saw you walking Down the street Last week Your head was down Your collar up Even though the sun Was shining. It is a cold wind That blows through a heart Pumping ice Like it was fire It is OK We bot

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Sermons, Poetry, and Other Musings (Site / Info)

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Media roundup: UUs re-envision Valentine’s Day

A weekly guide to stories about Unitarian Universalists from other media sources.

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UU World Editors’ Blog (Site / Info)

Multicultural Support Team Moving Toward Justice

In honor of the Standing on the Side of Love 30 Days of Love 2016 campaign, Steven Ballesteros speaks up about the important work of supporting Youth of Color.  As a Unitarian Universalist young adult

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Blue Boat of Youth and Young Adult Ministries (Site / Info)

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The True Heart of Public Evangelicalism

By Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II with Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove Photo credit: Bryan Bliss This post appeared originally on The News & Observer. In a surprise turn of events, the exit polls at the Iowa

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Beacon Broadside (Site / Info)

Religion activism Politics and Current Events American Society Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II

Interdependent Web: Mourning Ibrahim, observing Lent, picking candidates

A weekly roundup of blogs and other user-generated web content about Unitarian Universalism.

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UU World Editors’ Blog (Site / Info)

Rediscovering the Trinity

I used to hate the Trinity. It seems strange to hate a creed but I would go as far as saying ‘hate’ because I blamed it for separating me from ‘my faith’. I grew up a Christian, attending the local ch

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Life in 361˚ (Site / Info)

Religious Ramblings

Can't make this up

Oh, never mind the fund-raising for the Cliven D. Bundy Legal Defense Fund: sez here he wants the Court to appoint one of them free ones. The assistant federal public defender appointed to represent h

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fortboise.org (Site / Info)

How privileged people rationalize supporting Clinton, or Answering Stephanie Zvan

I won't address the opening comments in Stephanie Zvan's Bernie Sanders and Revolution Betrayed. They're there to elicit sympathy, and I have sympathy for her. I suppose I could say a bit here about g

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it's all one thing (Site / Info)

Feminism bernie sanders

Column: The Voodoo Spiritual Temple and the Accumulation of Magick

I hold in my hands a skull. It has the same terra cotta color as a flower pot, and the same kind of weight. White paint has been flecked across its surface; sigils have been painted. The lines rise up

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The Wild Hunt (Site / Info)

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It's a wrap

Three NY Times reporters combined for the Oregon standoff ends wrap-up, and it makes me appreciate the objective distance of good journalism. The Pulitzers are going to go to reporters closer to the s

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fortboise.org (Site / Info)