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Colorado Faith Communities United to End Gun Violence

Tanya Coulter is representing Columbine UU church in an organization called Colorado Faith Communities United (CFCU).  There are twenty-three participating congregations united with the purpose of dec

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Green Stems

“Spring teaches me to look more carefully for the green stems of possibility, for the intuitive hunch that may turn into a larger insight, for the glance or touch that may thaw a frozen relationship,

11 hours ago

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National Poetry Month—The Armenian Genocide at 100

Unlike the Nazis who were quite proud of their handiwork and kept meticulous records including photographs and film, the Turks have always tried to deny and hide their genoidal slaughter of the Armeni

14 hours ago

Heretic, Rebel, a Thing to Flout (Site / Info)

National Poetry Month Alan Semerdjian Armenian Genocide Atom Yerjanian centennial Ottoman Empire Siamanto Tsitsernakaberd Turkey

Charter members, Unitarian Church of Palo Alto, 1905

Below is a list of the charter members of the Unitarian Church of Palo Alto, organized on November 12, 1905. This list is taken from Donna Lee’s transcription, found in her 1991 history of the old Uni

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Buzz Coil: April 2015

Some recent posts from blogs on our blogroll: Pagaian Cosmology: Glenys Livingstone's blog from Australia, posted  "A Pagan Statement  on the Environment," on April 22,  Earth Day. Musings of a Pagan

1 day ago

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Blog roundup: Casting a compelling vision

Casting a compelling vision The Rev. Tom Schade has a theory about why pledge giving is declining in UU congregations. The cause of Unitarian Universalism, as we now understand it, is not sufficiently

1 day ago

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Free market trader

Michael Lewis' stock in trade is book-length storytelling (for which he has a superb talent), but he can sling a fine short piece, too. Consider today's headline (punning on his recent bestseller) for

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Math we see.

Testing Newton's second law of motion. This year at Clear Spring School we adopted a new math program intended for home school students. It takes the students hands-on through a series of workbooks an

1 day ago

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Do Not Deny, Do Not Forget

Today the Armenian community marks the one hundredth anniversary of the beginning of the terrible events that the world now calls the first genocide of the twentieth century. Somewhere between a milli

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Documentary on Eliza Tupper Wilkes in Palo Alto

The documents below tell the story of Rev. Eliza Tupper Wilkes and her efforts to start a Unitarian organization in Palo Alto, in the years 1895-1896. (Though a Universalist, she was at that time work

1 day ago

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Bay area, Calif. Religion: people & places Eliza Tupper Wilkes Unitarian history Universalist history

When Giving Up is a Privilege

Yesterday was 45th Earth Day. On the one hand, the fact that we are still celebrating Earth Day is an incredible testament to the vision of John McConnell, the creator of Earth Day.  On the other hand

2 days ago

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Why Unitarians need to experience orgasms (spiritually)

The joke goes something like this: A Unitarian finds a fork in the road. One sign points to "Heaven" while the other points to "A discussion about heaven." The Unitarian follows the path to "A discuss

2 days ago

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Outdoor Pagan temple vandalized, suspects arrested

JESOLO, ITALY — On April 15, a Pagan outdoor temple in Italy once again became the target of vandals. However, this time the act was caught on camera. As a result, five men were arrested when temple o

2 days ago

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Paganism Claudio Simeoni European Congress of Ethnic Religions Federazione Pagana Supreme Council of Ethnikoi Hellenes Unione Comunità Neopagane

Southeast District Dissolved & Regionalization is now Our Plan

by Sandra Engelhardt & Alicia Hofler The last business meeting of the Southeast District of the UUA was held on April 17-18 at the UU Church of Greensboro, NC. UUFP delegates were Sandra and Alicia. T

2 days ago

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National Poetry Month—Spiritual Poetry for Millennials, Two Monks and an Iconoclast

The other day at home I noticed that my wife Kathy, a seriously spiritual Catholic and Religious Education Director at a large suburban parish, had left an open copy of a magazine on our futon/couch i

2 days ago

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Religion spirituality generations humanism millennials National Poetry Month Thomas Merton Kurt Vonnegut Monks New Atheists Tich Nhat Hanh

Stewardship Testimonial from Doug Pasto-Crosby

I would like to make a plea for all of you to increase your pledge so that we can fully fund our fair share payment to the UUA. When I first became a UU, I didn’t really think much about the denominat

2 days ago

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It’s Our Turn to Lead: A Reading List for Earth Day 2015

This Earth Day, we at Beacon Press are featuring titles that showcase individuals and organizations taking a stand for our home and encourage readers to take the stand with them.

3 days ago

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activism Environment and Conservation Fred Pearce The New Wild Blue Revolution Cynthia Barnett Among Chimpanzees Harvest the Wind Michelle Bamberger Nancy Merrick Philip Warburg Robert Oswald The Real Cost of Fracking

Happy Birthday to those born in MAY!

Roy Schilling Richard Hudgins Valerie Gecowets Joe Wilson Caroline Fureymoore Jerry Dingus, Sr. Dennis Shaw Cornell Burcher Bill Cotton Janet Gecowets Brad Garbus Nickie Saylor Sandra Engelhardt Ken H

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The Cause is Not Enough

The cause of Unitarian Universalism, as we now understand it, is not sufficiently compelling to generate the resources to continue itself. There are not enough people sufficiently motivated to give th

3 days ago

thelivelytradition (Site / Info)

Earth Day: 8 Leaders Call on You to

#Commit2Respond   We re-post this message from the Unitarian Universalist Association and other Unitarian Universalist leaders who urge you to act for Climate Justice starting today.– ed. Today is Ear

3 days ago

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