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The Legacy of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. — for Today

My tradition of Unitarian Universalism has a habit of making lists of famous UUs. As the saying goes, “We believe in deeds not creeds,” which can prompt us to lift up the lives of our most exemplary a

8 hours ago

Carl Gregg (Site / Info)


Resist at every turn

It’s time for the next bus trip to Washington on April 29.  Organized by the Peoples Climate Movement, this march is your chance to stand up for our community and to make your voice heard. When leader

11 hours ago

UU Fellowship of the Peninsula (Site / Info)

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The buck stops over there

So, #45 cold-called WaPo reporter Robert Costa to complain about how the Democrats sunk his healthcare initiative. Seriously. It's Chuck Shumer's and Nancy Pelosi's fault. "There's something preposter

23 hours ago

fortboise.org (Site / Info)

Column: Come Gather ‘Round People

I have trouble watching Cabaret, the 1966 musical that choreographer Bob Fosse would direct in an Academy Award-winning film 1972. It’s a scary work of art.  Cabaret is set in the Berlin of the Weimar

1 day ago

The Wild Hunt (Site / Info)

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Youth Ministry Training Webinar 8

For a long time many Unitarian Universalist congregations have successfully used the traditional model of youth ministry consisting of a weekly youth group, maybe some off-site trips or overnights, an

1 day ago

Blue Boat of Youth and Young Adult Ministries (Site / Info)

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Dr. Koch, the Consumption Bug, and the Cup Cake Downfall

In the 1938 weeper Three Comrads Margaret Sullivan dies beautifully, with self-sacrificing heroism of consumption in a mountain sanitarium leaving behind her grieving husband Robert Taylor, and his su

1 day ago

Heretic, Rebel, a Thing to Flout (Site / Info)

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Now or never, really?

Mr. Artless Deal is not getting much done for the country, even as his family businesses continue to profit, and he enjoys taxpayer-supported golf outings and what-not. BBC et al. reporting he's issue

1 day ago

fortboise.org (Site / Info)

divided sphere part 4

I managed to get the divided sphere assembled with a total of 7 hinges. It folds and unfolds from a sphere to a hollow cube and back again, and I can attest that this was not easy to make. So why make

1 day ago

Wisdom of the Hands (Site / Info)

Just the headlines (Russia edition)

The Right Spreads Baseless Lie That Nunes Just Validated Trump’s Baseless Lies; Eric Levitz, NY Mag Former Russian Lawmaker Is Shot To Death Outside Hotel In Kiev; Bill Chappell, NPR The Republican in

1 day ago

fortboise.org (Site / Info)

La innovación en los informativos de televisión

  A finales de 2016 comencé a colaborar con el Observatorio para la Innovación de los Informativos en la Sociedad Digiral OI2, una iniciativa conjunta de Radiotelevisión Española, la Universidad Autón

2 days ago

GABRIEL JARABA blog (Site / Info)

Television Medios Innovación

turned sphere part 3.

I am preparing for my classes at Woodworkers Showcase at the end of next week and for the arrival Monday of a small film crew doing a video on Kindergarten in which my students will demonstrate "self

2 days ago

Wisdom of the Hands (Site / Info)

Choosing to Say "Hands off the Hijab"

by Kathy Slade I had tried to talk Linnie out of going to the protest as she had another obligation. I said she'd be one person among thousands and her being there would not matter as much as it would

2 days ago

Call and Response (Site / Info)

The high-risk digital world of occult sales and psychic services

TWH –The explosion of online platforms has been a boon to many in the polytheist and Pagan communities who can now sell crafts, books, and esoteric services more easily than ever before. At the same t

3 days ago

The Wild Hunt (Site / Info)

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Pagan ministers debate merits of reintegration

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Pagan clergy, prison ministers, and members of the Minnesota Sex Offenders Program (MSOP) took part in a panel discussion at a Midwest Pagan conference on Sunday. The panel was cr

4 days ago

The Wild Hunt (Site / Info)

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"In your well-marked footprints now I plant my resolute steps"—Lucretius—Spring blossom in the Cambridge University Botanic Garden

I'm currently re-reading Lucretius' sublime poem "On the Nature of Things" (De Rerum Natura) and this afternoon I thought I would, like Lucretius, plant my own resolute steps in the footprints of the

4 days ago

CAUTE — A free-spirit archeology of morning (Site / Info)

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Tree of Life Social Justice Committee Supports Local Jewish and Islamic Institutions

A wave of Events like this Jewish cemetery desecration motivated the Tree of Life UU Congregation Social Justice Committee to reach out to local synagogues and an Islamic center.  After a devastating

4 days ago

Heretic, Rebel, a Thing to Flout (Site / Info)

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March 21–Everything Possible: In the Mirror

The time will come when, with elation you will greet yourself arriving at your own door, in your own mirror and each will smile at the other’s welcome, and say, sit here. Eat. You will love again the

4 days ago

Words of Wisdom? (Site / Info)

Everything Possible UU 4th Principle

A Win for Rights, But the Struggle Goes On

The courts say it again: the President’s refugee ban is unlawful and discriminatory. But, we need more than one institution to stand up for human rights. The post A Win for Rights, But the Struggle Go

5 days ago

Recent Updates – Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (Site / Info)

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Humiliation and hostility: A riot lives on

Elaine McArdle, Kenny Wiley Racial justice activists, many of them Unitarian Universalists, work in Tulsa to overcome the painful legacy of a 1921 riot that killed up to 300 black people.

5 days ago

uuworld.org: latest stories (Site / Info)

The March Hare

This sermon was preached at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Huntington on 3/19/17. It explores what the “Alice in Wonderland” story can teach us about a world that’s turned upside down–and ho

6 days ago

RevWho (Site / Info)

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